Myrtle I at Waverly Street

Myrtle I at Waverly Street provides a far more structured program adhering to guidlines, schedules and accountability among its residents.

Program Structure: Throughout the day, residents are required to follow a set schedule to work their way back to a manageable and accountable lifestyle. A 12 step focused program will dedicate time for residents to work on their 4th step writing, develop their spirituality through mediation and yoga, and receive guidance in the A.A. program with staff and a sponsor. At Myrtle Street I, new residents will also be assigned a "buddy" from our Myrtle II location to help them get acclimated in the Portland community.

Accountability: Residents are awake and home by scheduled time, as well as complete daily and weekly chores. They will also be required to adhere to a Drug Test upon arrival and random tests as needed.

Getting Active: Drug and Alcohol Counseling: During this phase licensed mental health and addiction clinicians work with our residents and staff to ensure that each residents psychological needs are met.

Group Events & Outings: During our residents stay at Myrtle I, it is important for them to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy their life in recovery. On weekends and scheduled dates, residents can participate in fun physical activities such as: Flag Football, Dodgebaall, Bowling, Apple Picking, Food Outings, Movies, Museum Visits, Portland Pirates, Sea Dogs, and more.

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Weekly Schedule

Contact & Directions


Gym Membership (Membership included with Residents' stay)

World Gym
265 Marginal Way, Portland, ME 04101
Phone: (207) 828-9900
Hours: Monday hours 4:00 am–9:00 pm
Visit World Gym Portland Web Site

Assist with Court and Legal Documentation:
Reports, 12 steps,
passing drug tests, etc...

Encouragement for residents and their families to connect and heal.